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Kathleen & her horse "Pugsley - 01-31-2013


Dear Guardian Mask Company:

I am writing this testimonial to you- many years in the making. I was one of your first customers, nearly 13 years ago! You might remember me- I had a pony with chronic ERU. My pony, named Pugsley, had a cyclosporine implant in his remaining sighted eye in 2001, after many bouts with ERU, and having gone totally blind in his right eye. The surgery was a success, but not without other health complications, but no complications with his eye. As with any new procedure, there were no real guarantees that this would work, but I had to try and save my pony's sight. After the surgery, I heard about your masks through an ERU website. I was determined to do anything else that I could to preserve my pony's one good eye. I had nothing to loose, and tried the 95% mask for my pugnatious Pugsley! (He can be a rascal!) Well, after almost 12 years now and counting, and using your FABULOUS fly masks, my pony HAS NOT HAD and episode of ERU! knock wood!


Pugsley's glasses, as we call them, have become part of his life, and personality! He absolutely is not bothered by wearing his "glasses", and they have provided him with much protection, and comfort in the hot, and buggy Texas climate! The eye shades have protected so well, that, to a person who did not know that Pugs is partially blind, would not even know it! He loves looking "cool" in his glasses!


These sun shades are easy to care for, and pretty much pony-proof-they hold up well even in the toughest conditions! ( I wash in cool, soapy water, rinse, and hang dry!)


I believe that these sun shades have kept my Pugsley from developing any further bouts with ERU, and any number of eye-related injuries that horses and ponies can get!


To anyone out there with a horse or pony suffering from ERU- I understand what you face, but I CANNOT more highly recommend these eye shades! They have been a true miracle!


Do not waste your hard-earned dollars on any other type of eye shade- these are worth every single penny! You will not be sorry that you made the investment- the results speak for themselves!


If you are on the fence about these, please try them!


Kathleen M., and of course, Pugsley, the World's Greatest Pony!


Hi Kathleen,


That is a really long time for a horse with ERU to not have a single flare up, wow!  We're thrilled that Pugsley has been doing so well over the years, and we also congratulate you for being so dedicated to him.   Send us a picture when you can, we'd love to see him!   Thank you very much for sharing your experience!


Guardian Mask

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