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Linda & her mare - 06-01-2005


When the vet first diagnosed my beautiful Cheval Canadian mare with uveitis, I was devastated.  He showed me the damage already present in the eye and told me that she would incur further damage and would end up blind.  Blood tests confirmed the diagnosis.  At that time her eyes were discharging a sticky mucous and she would often rub her face against her front legs.  It was nearly impossible to treat the eyes because she hated the drops and creams so much that she'd twist out of range or knock the dropper from my hands.


I began researching the disease while at the same time contacting owners of blind horses to see if this was something I - and the horse - could eventually cope with.  Someone told me about the Guardian Mask and I went to the site and read everything there.  I decided to phone Sid to get more information.  I was pretty depressed at this point and embarrassingly tearful during that phone call.  Sid was extremely kind to me and said he'd heard this story before many times.  He assured me that the Mask would make a huge difference to the mare and would most likely stop the progress of the disease.  The vet was skeptical and told me that the mask would not make a difference in the progress of the disease.


I ordered the mask anyway and began to put it on my mare during all daylight hours.  Although it looks quite unusual, the horse didn't seem to care and she quickly adjusted to wearing it.  After about a week, I realized that the discharge had stopped.  Within the same length of time, my mare began coming towards me with her head dropped to accept the mask. She continues this behavior each morning when I come to put it on her.


I can state unequivocally that this product has made a huge difference in my mare.  It's been over a year now and she has not had a flare-up or discharge since that first week I put the mask on her.  She wears it year round - we get 4 or 5 months of snow and the glare magnifies the light.   She's worn it during snow storms and heavy rain storms without any problems.


Today I have a happy, healthy horse that I expect will be able to carry me along the trails for another 20 years.  I absolutely recommend this mask to anyone who is dealing with uveitis in their horses.  Blindness is not the inevitable outcome of this disease.


Linda White,

Southwest Ontario, Canada



Thank you Linda for sharing your experiences.  We are so pleased to hear your mare is doing so well and thank you so much for the picture!


Best wishes

Guardian Mask

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