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Kari & Colin - 12-21-15


Colin is an Appy/Belgian cross who works as a therapeutic horse giving rides and lessons to disabled adults and children.  He came to this non-profit once he lost vision in one of his eyes, but he doesn’t let that stop him from being a good boy in his job.  As a long-term volunteer at his barn, I have come to be “his person” and spoil him with all he deserves.  He is now 21 yr old and suffers from uveitis.  About one year ago, he had a very bad flare-up — despite wearing fly masks daily.  We decided to find something specifically for horses with this condition and found Guardian mask.  Since then, he has not suffered any flare-ups like that horrible one.  We are purchasing him a new one ...


Thank you !!!  




Hi Kari,
Thank you so much for sharing with us!  Colin is such a special boy! He is an amazing horse that has a wonderful job.  The Bridge Center is a fantastic place, and we do hope that the mask continues to do a fine job as well.  Feel free to update us at any time, we always look forward to hearing from our special horses!


Guardian Mask

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