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It is strongly recommended to read each and every page of the compiled information on this website.  The information we have provided will help you understand your horses needs as well as understand our products.


Our goal is to help save horses lives.



This product is proudly made in the USA


Standard Guardian Mask with Included Pair of 95% Sunshades

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Equine UV protection medical garment, and face protection. Not just “fly mask”, the "95% Sunshades" are an aid in the healing, treatment, and prevention of eye conditions.  Includes tabs for Nose Covers, and Accessories or even repellant.

Can also be used for riding and working horses when used over or under most standard bridles or haltersThis mask is a multi purpose mask.

Recommended in all daylight hours, for UVEITIS, HEADSHAKING, CATARACTS, EYE CANCER, GLAUCOMA, EYE INJURIES.      Excellent for prevention!

$89.95 USD Plus Shipping                              BUY NOW

Lightweight Riding & Racing Mask With Included Pair of 95% Sunshades

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Designed for the working horse! Protects while performing. The slim Racing & Riding Mask offers the same unique protection as the Standard Guardian Mask with flaps that attach to most standard bridles or halters. This design is only recommended as a working and riding mask.  This design allows your horse to be ridden with the same protection as the Standard Mask but with a more streamline "Easy on, Easy off" style.

Requires a halter or bridle to be worn.   Please only use the Standard mask for pasture and barn use.

$89.95USD Plus Shipping                          BUY NOW

Replacement 95 % Sunshades (2)


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Unique round, adjustable and removable eyes are included with each mask, they are conveniently interchangeable as well as removable for treatment or replacement.

Recommended for ALL Eye conditions and prevention.

Also available in #80 Eye Covers only used for general protection.

$34.95USD Plus Shipping                             BUY NOW

Guardian Mask Nose Cover


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For additional protection over the nose and muzzle. These nose covers attach to the mask by hook and loop tabs that are sewn on to the Guardian Mask.
The Nose Cover is only available for the STANDARD Guardian Mask.

Also available in 95% Material

$19.95 and $39.95USD Plus Shipping           BUY NOW

Beaded Nose Covers made exclusively for the Standard Guardian Mask!    On the shopping cart as they become available!


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